• 5 Reasons you may (or may not) want to use Decoupled WordPress

    Posted November 30, 2023 by Alex Moon

    You are probably here because you or your team are considering using decoupled (headless) WordPress. Welcome, if you arrived here and you are not familiar with WHAT headless WordPress is, check out our guide An Overview of Decoupled WordPress before continuing. Ok, I have spent a lot of time on calls with clients and time… Read More »

  • An Overview of Decoupled WordPress

    Posted October 13, 2023 by Alex Moon

    Defining decoupled WordPress Decoupled WordPress, also commonly known as “Headless WordPress”, is a term used to describe using WordPress primarily as a back-end data API. As opposed to using the WordPress templating and theming engines for the presentation layer. Still confused? No worries, let’s break that down by reviewing WordPress and its feature set. As… Read More »

  • REST vs GraphQL API

    Posted October 4, 2023 by Alex Moon

    So you’re looking into decoupled WordPress. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want to use the native REST or WPGraphQL API. Both are good options but there are important differences that I’ll cover here. You The biggest factor here is probably you and any team members. What tech are… Read More »