• 3 questions for making better software decisions

    Posted November 29, 2023 by Alex Moon

    I’ve worn many hats in my career: help desk worker, systems administrator, engineer, consultant, etc. I’ve made some great software decisions, but I’ve also seen things thoroughly flop. While working at WPEngine as a Solutions Architect I spent a lot of time talking with engineers and business folks about what headless WordPress was and whether… Read More »

  • Should you use GraphQL with headless WordPress?

    Posted November 10, 2023 by Alex Moon

    Tech comes and goes, and there has been some great discussion in the last couple of years on whether many of us should actually be using GraphQL. I tend to agree with much of the discussions despite having become a developer as GraphQL was becoming the new hot thing. I have also invested much of… Read More »

  • Building WPDecoupled: Adding Content! ✍

    Posted April 15, 2023 by Alex Moon

    I’ve launched the site! Folks have even sent me their emails. Thank you for your confidence, each email makes me want to work harder and faster on this! Publishing a blog is a lot easier when you’re relying on established platforms, things such as classic WordPress. As I’m not, and I didn’t even choose Faust.js,… Read More »

  • Building WPDecoupled: Kitchen Sink 🏡

    Posted April 11, 2023 by Alex Moon

    Are you aware of what a “Kitchen Sink” example is? It’s a piece of content that contains all the editor’s possible content types and styles. In my case, all possible styling and blocks from the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. Here’s a sentence with bold and italic content. A developer can use this post to confirm… Read More »